eduroam at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Access to eduroam

    In terms of Eduroam project is as exact identification of person used the user name, which is instantly followed by the "@" character and so called "realm", which is in fact the domain of applicable parent organization of the existing person. It's necessary to specify the user name always as described below, including the "@" character and realm name. Otherwise the user name is incorrect, because it's not possible to find applicability of existing person to the parent organization and consequently the existing person could not be authenticated. So the example of correct user name for eduroam for students or employees of AVU is User name (without realm) is listed on each employment or student ID card.

    Every student or employee of AVU in Prague can access the eduroam if this access was not restricted for serious rules breaking on eduroam network. The only thing the user must do is to set a password for access to eduroam. This password is set in the interface to the user accounts at address To log into this system, use the username provided in your employment or student ID card and password that you set after taking each of your ID card. Then just have to select tab "eduroam password" and then set your personal password in accordance with security policy shown on the same page. In case of problems, contact the network management, see contacts.

    Name and logo eduroam are registrated trademarks of the TERENA