eduroam at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Used technologies and location of access points

    For wireless network eduroam realization are on AVU in Prague used strictly access points Cisco AIR-AP1242AG-E-K9. This devices allows access to clients as in 2,4 GHz band and also in 5 GHz band (802.11a standart). Currently there are 8 pieces of these access points in the spaces of AVU in Prague. Their specific locations and supported standarts are described in following table:
Hostname Location Note
ap1 Main building, attic, Digilab 802.11a+b+g
ap2 Modern gallery, level -1 802.11b+g
ap3 School of architecture, 1st floor, stairs 802.11b+g
ap4 Main building, attic, New media 2 802.11b+g
ap5 Modern gallery, ground floor 802.11b+g
ap6 Main building, ground floor, library 802.11b+g
ap7 Main building, ground floor, technical department 802.11b+g
ap-saloun Šaloun's atelier, ground floor 802.11a+b+g

Address of buidings listed in the table:

Main building U Akademie 4, Praha 7
School of Architecture U Akademie 2, Praha 7
Modern gallery U Starého výstaviště 188, Praha 7
Šaloun's atelier Slovenská 4, Praha 10

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