eduroam at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

For successful connection to eduroam is needed:

  1. valid username in your parent organization. Information about user name for students and employees of AVU you can find here

  2. SSID (name) of the wirelles network. This name is eduroam and it's public announced

  3. properly configured device which you are going to connect to eduroam. It can be computer, notebook, PDA, mobile phone atd. Eduroam is using authentication mechanism 802.1x on its access points to control the network traffic based on verification of users identity at RADIUS server of competent organization. For communication between the client on your computer (supplicant), access point (active network element, typically AP or switch) and RADIUS server is used the EAP protocol and its expansions, which uses for transfer and exchange strong cypher methods. For data cryptography in wirreless networks are used WPA and WEP protocols. You can find the samples of configuration for different operation systems and devices here. Sample configurations needs to changed according to contitions at AVU, particullary you need to check and correctly set up:

    • name of RADIUS server at AVU is
    • there is advised installation of root certificate CESNET CA, which has our RADIUS server the certification from. If this root certificate is not available, you have to turn off the validating of server certificate for EAP. The manual for installation of the root certificate introduced below is for example a part of this Windows XP manual
    • validating and encryption WPA2/AES, WPA/TKIP

    In the case of misunderstanding or problems pleas contact Network administration of AVU.

  4. to know where you can connect, that is know the signal coverage at AVU

  5. familiarize with access policy and restrictions here

Name and logo eduroam are registrated trademarks of the TERENA